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Fishing Rules

  1. Look after the fish!  Return fish to the lake as soon as possible after catching.

  2. Sturgeon and catfish are not to be taken out of the water, please get in to take your photos

  3. No bullying of fish, if you are seen doing this you will be asked to stop fishing

  4. Please treat any injured fish immediately with your carp care kit

  5. No litter to be left around the lake including cigarette butts

  6. No smoking inside the cabin or bivvies

  7. Alcohol is permitted in moderation

  8. No drugs allowed

  9. Barbless hooks only

  10. Minimum 15lb breaking strain line

  11. You are only permitted to use bait and feed agreed by The Bumbles Fisheries.

  12. No sacks or keep nets allowed

  13. We provide all landing nets, carp mats/cradles.  Please do not bring your own

  14. Have fun but use your common sense, we have the right to stop anyone from fishing if we feel that your behaviour is not respectful to the lake, the fish or other anglers.  You will not receive any refund if you do not adhere to this rule.

Terms and Rules: Text

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your holiday is confirmed by Angling Lines.

  2. The swims must be vacated by 10.00 am to allow preparation for new arrivals.

  3. If a confirmed booking needs to changed, we will try to accommodate you if at all possible.  Please let us know as early as you can if this is the case.

  4. The Bumbles accept no responsibility in respect of any flight delays or any cancellations due to weather, strikes, terrorism, or any events beyond our control . You must ensure that you have all the relevant up to date travel documents.

  5. We reserve the right to terminate your holiday if you are causing any harm or nuisance to other people, to the grounds, property or lake that are The Bumbles, without compensation or any refund to you.

  6. If you cause damage, you will be liable for any replacement costs.

  7. You are expected to take reasonable care of all hired equipment, and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of your holiday when it will be checked prior to your departure.

  8. You must take all the necessary steps to safeguard your own personal safety. We accept no liability for any death or personal injury, unless this results from our own negligence. Our liability to you does not exceed the amount paid for your holiday.

  9. We require a breakage deposit of €100 (payable on arrival). This will be returned when all appropriate checks of equipment have been made. An appropriate sum will be deducted if any equipment is damaged.

  10. In the unlikely event of any complaint, this must be reported to us on site directly or put in writing no more than 7 days after your holiday.

  11. We accept your booking on the understanding that you have read these Terms and Conditions.

Please ensure that you have travel insurance as adequate protection for yourself and your belongings against theft, damage or injury.  

You should have an up to date passport and an E.H.I.C (European Health Insurance Card) this is still valid despite Brexit as long as it is in date.

Booking with The Bumbles signifies that you accept full responsibility, and that The Bumbles is fully exempt from any claims whatsoever. 

Terms and Rules: Text
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